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Patent Outsourcing: How it works for your Patent firm/Business

An Intellectual Property Attorney’s and firm owners' primary task is

to safeguard the innovations made at an optimized cost, and that's when Patent

Outsourcing can step in to ease them off.

With Patent Outsourcing, all functions right from preparing and

filing the patent application to its issuance and appeal and all research and

documentation involved therein is taken care of by the offshoring partner.

Offshoring patent drafting tasks bring down costs considerably, thereby easing the organization's patent budget constraints significantly.

The various tasks which you as a patent attorney or law firm owner can outsource to your offshore business partner are:

· Patentability Search: It is also referred to as Patent Search and is the first step in the patent process. An extensive search of all existing patents is done to figure out the closest existing patents to the invention that needs to be patented.

A prior art search (which a patent search is often referred to) speeds up

prosecution of Patent and reduces overall costs considerably by identifying

potential future hurdles and avoiding them beforehand.

· Patent Prosecution Support: Patent Prosecution is a highly individualized process of interaction between the patent applicant and the legal representative concerning the Patent's patentability. Fundamental technical analysis and strategy of amendments and argument for patent analysis are taken care of in this process.

· Patent Licensing Support: This activity involves assigning the patent owner to a third party for them to make use of or sell the innovation in exchange for royalties. A patent attorney is involved in concluding and drafting the licensing agreement as part of licensing support.

· Patent Drafting & Illustrations: Patent drafting is an elaborate and critical process in the patent application and includes listing down of claims, detailed description of the invention, diagrams, illustrations and images, background of the invention, title, references, etc. Again, a legal attorney having desired technical knowledge in the invention category is the best person to take care of this step in the patent filing.

· InfringementSearch: Patent infringement searches are conducted to ensure that nobody else can use or sell an invention without consent. It is also done to ensure that the invention is not infringing on any existing patent claim. This expedites the patent process by identifying and addressing any such concerns beforehand.

· Patent Docketing: IP docketing is a significant activity towards the management of actual dates, data, and documentation and tracking of crucial deadlines during the application process. Docketing helps by giving an overview of the patent process at any given time. With this critical step in place, the stakeholders also ensure that no deadlines and rights are missed, thereby saving time and money.

· Patent Proof Reading: This is a significant step in ensuring the issued patents' quality by identifying errors in them. Patent proofreading ensures enforceability as any small error resulting in patent rejection is identified and fixed in this step.

· Patent Litigation Support: Patent litigation is referred to the litigation involved when a patent owner sues another party for making use of his/her invention without prior consent. Patent attorneys are looped in here to research upon and arrive at a conclusion. This can be a long and expensive process; however, with outsourcing as an option, the cost factor can be addressed considerably.

All of the above functions can be taken care of by your trusted offshoring partner, making the entire process seamless for you as an IP attorney/legal firm owner.

Choosing Zedtreeo as your offshoring partner can help you leverage your patent outsourcing experience as we take care of your end-to-end patent application and documentation needs at competitive prices.

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