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Many industries, business owners, and department heads require virtual assistants to take care of the data entry, social media, marketing, customer support, back office, personal tasks, etc. Anyone who runs a business knows just how time-consuming these tasks can be. Zedtreeo helps you gain more time to focus on your key business areas by taking care of repetitive, time-consuming tasks — like data entry. You hire your very own data entry professional who focuses on freeing you from such responsibilities.

Focus on Money-Making tasks

  • Data entry is time-consuming and not the most exciting work to do most of the time. And whether you're running your own business or building up your firm, you probably have other, more pressing tasks to attend to.​That's where a data entry pro could come in handy.

  • No one can run a thriving business on their own. While hiring a Zedtreeo data entry pro, not only do you have someone to share your tasks with, but you can also do it cost-efficiently.

  •  Zedtreeo can help you save cost considerably as our data entry pro come at a fraction of the cost of a local full-time employee.

Advantages of  A Data Entry Virtual Assistant 

  • Your data entry professional is always there for any data entry needs your business has. Whether it's entering any kind of data or checking the accuracy, they can:

    • Verify data's accuracy

    • Remove any unnecessary or irrelevant files

    • Maintain reports/records of all activities and jobs.

    • Correct formatting of data.

    • Perform Data conversion

    • Process forms

Exclusive &

to you

  • Choose & Collaborate with a skilled data entry professional as an extension of your business.

  • Zedtreeo supplies you with one dedicated person, rather than delegating to outsource tasks to a team.

  • Furthermore, a dedicated data entry professional means you work directly with the resource, no project manager or "middleman" to dilute your message or create extra bureaucracy.

  • Working with one dedicated person can make a better foundation for a consistent and healthy working relationship with your data entry team.

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What Data Entry Professionals do

  • Website Compilation and Data Entry

  • eBook Transcription and Data Entry

  • YellowPages and WhitePages Data Entry

  • Sales Contacts and Prospects Data Entry

  • Transcription Outsourcing Services

  • Microsoft Office Data and Content Entry (PowerPoint, Excel, Word, Visio & Pdf Data Entry)

  • Business Transaction Data Entry for Purchase, Sales, Payroll, and Additional Business Needs

  • Software and Application Data and Content Data Entry

  • Collating and sorting documents for the process of data entry

  • Verifying and logging of all data that is received

  • Transcribing source data into electronic format as required

  • Transferring information from paper formats into computer files 

  • Performing high-volume data entry by using various computer software.

  • Verifying integrity of data by comparing it to source documents.

  • Reviewing of data for errors and resolving discrepancies if any.

  • Maintaining the data in form of files and ensuring the confidentiality of critical customer information.

  • Performing regular backups to ensure data preservation.

  • Ensuring quality standards are met for the work that is assigned.

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